Complete the AUAF Admissions Form

Collect the following supporting documents:

  • Tazkira or Passport
  • High School Transcript
  • TOEFL Score above 500 PBT

Submit your completed form and your supporting documents (we accept scans of supporting documents) to the Admissions Office via email by clicking here or drop them off in person. If you are submitting your documents by email, be sure your full name is in the subject line!

You will be notified by the Admissions Office via email or phone if you are admitted to study at AUAF. In order to matriculate, the applicant must accept the offer of admission in writing, and pay a 5000 Afghanis (AFN) non-refundable deposit. The deposit will be credited to the student’s course fees for the semester.

Questions? Call the Admissions Office at 0797 200 400/ 0794 800 400!

Full application instructions here:

How to apply

1. Visit the AUAF campus on Darul Aman road and speak with one of the Admissions’ officers.

2. Take the English Placement Test and demonstrate your command of the English language. For further details on the exam, including a schedule of exam dates, please contact the Office of Admissions at the below phone numbers. All applicants must take this test prior to admittance to the university.

3. Having achieved the required English Pre-Test score and if applicable, register for the TOEFL exam which is also administered by the American University of Afghanistan on the university’s campus. For further details please contact the Office of Admissions at the below phone numbers.

4. Complete your application form and meet with an Admissions’ officer. All AUAF programs require a passing TOEFL score for admissions. Below are the required scores for admission to each program:

   a. Academy Program: applicants must score 440 or higher on the TOEFL examination for admission to the program.

   b. Undergraduate Program: applicants must score 510 or higher on the TOEFL examination for admission to the program.

In addition to your TOEFL score, you must provide AUAF with official copies of the below documents:

   a. High school Diploma

   b. High school Transcripts

   c. National ID (Tazkira) or Passport

5. Students who require financial assistance in order to study at AUAF must complete the financial assistance application form. Financial aid is limited, and it is based upon financial need. Not everyone will qualify for financial aid assistance.

6. Meet all deadlines! Students who request testing, financial assistance or admission after the official deadlines will need to wait until the next semester before studying at AUAF. No one will be admitted to courses once the semester has begun. Students must meet all the criteria for admission to AUAF.

Note: IELTS exams can only be substituted for the TOEFL exam by the Director of Admissions




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