The NewCo Awards of Strategy and Policy Class

The NewCo Awards, started in 2015, serve as recognition of AUAF Business Students' creativity and ingenuity, as well as reinforcing the integration of undergraduate functional coursework. The senior students in Strategy and Policy class complete a capstone project. In fall 2017, 12 teams completed their opportunity identification and created a NewCo (New Company). Based on their primary and secondary research, they identified an area with an unmet need and then created an entity that would profitably solve that need. The idea of NEWCO's are to develop initiatives that would contribute to economic development in Afghanistan.

This semester the AUAF Business Excellence “NewCo” Awards’ ceremony was held on 12th of December with participation of four finalist teams. Each of the teams presented their business idea to the panel of the judges. The panel of the judges included Dr. Holland-president of AUAF, Cahir Neshat- Senior Marketing Manager at Afghan Wireless Communication Company, Mirwais Arya- Founder of Mazadar Burger, and Gilbert Lopez AUAF . The Sehei Dairy Company took the first place, Tohfa Online Gift Store took the second position, Afghan Leopard Bicycle Company took the third position, and Hope Insurance received the Honorable Mention Award of Business Excellence.

Several ideas and suggestions were given to each teams by the judges for implementation of their business ideas. AUAF strongly believes in economic development in Afghanistan and seeks to enhance this area in any way possible.

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