The American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) has always supported an economically diverse student body, making an extraordinary education available to upper, middle, and lower-income students alike. AUAF’s financial aid program is merit-based. AUAF offers different financing and payment options to help reduce immediate out-of-pocket expenses and spread out payments over a manageable period.

    AUAF reserves the right to amend this policy without notice.


    AUAF charges a subsidized fee for all courses offered. For the academic year tuition and fees, please refer to the AUAF catalog published here: https://auaf.edu.af/academics/student-finance/


    All tuition and fees must be paid in Afghanis. AUAF does not accept any other currency. Students may pay their tuition fees by bank deposits/transfers to AUAF’s designated bank accounts. Students who proceed with a bank transfer must cover all associated charges. In addition, students must notify the AUAF Student Finance Office about the bank deposit/transfer by submitting a copy of the bank confirmation as soon as the bank deposit is made.

    Bank information:

    Beneficiary Name:          The American University of Afghanistan 
    Account number:            0500101000092117
    Bank Name:                    Afghanistan International Bank (AIB)
    Address:                         House No. 1608 behind Amani High School Wazir Akbar Khan, Kabul, Afghanistan
    Currency:                        AFs
    Swift Code:                     AFIBAFKA


    All students are expected to pay the full amount due, either in a single amount or in installments as published by AUAF Student Finance Office, by the deadline listed in the payment schedule published at the beginning of each semester.

    Students should plan ahead to pay their tuition on time and avoid late fees. Students who do not pay their first (or subsequent installments) by the published deadlines will be assessed late fees of AFN 200 per day. Late fees are not charged on weekends (Friday). A late fee will be charged on any balance of AFN 15,000 or more. The maximum amount of late fees a student will be charged in a given semester is AFN 10,000. Students must pay all their outstanding balances prior to the end of the semester or they will not be allowed to register for upcoming classes and will not be permitted to sit for final exams or receive their certificates or degrees.


    AUAF students are charged tuition based on the courses they are taking in a given semester. This policy applies to classes in any given semester, even if students intend to remain in their program and return for classes in a subsequent semester.

    Summer and Winter Sessions:

    No tuition refunds will be made for the summer and winter mini semesters. The fee for this session is paid at the beginning of the session (on the final day of add/drop) - no installment payments. An initial deposit of AFN 12,500 is not required unless it is your first semester because the payment is made in one lump sum. Students are responsible for keeping track of when payments are due. 

    Spring and Fall Semesters:

    The last date to withdraw from any course(s) and receive a tuition refund is the seventh calendar day of the semester for the fall and spring semesters. Although a tuition refund is not available after the seventh calendar day of any semester, students may be able to replace a dropped or withdrawn class with another class in the same semester without paying additional tuition so long as the replacement occurs before the end of the second week of the full semester.

    For students who withdraw from all courses in any given semester:

    • If a student withdraws from all courses within a given semester occurs prior to the seventh day of the semester, no tuition will be collected, no financial aid will be disbursed, and there will be no transcript record of the course(s). The tuition deposit is non-refundable no matter when the withdrawal occurs.

    • If the student withdraws from all courses within a given semester after the seventh day of the semester but prior to the first installment payment due date, the tuition will be pro-rated according to the number of installments. A student who is on a scholarship or who is sponsored will be personally responsible for making payments for any courses dropped after the drop-add period.  This fee cannot be charged to the scholarship. Courses withdrawn from during this period will have a transcript record of “W.” Courses withdrawn from before the second installment due date will be pro-rated again according to the number of installments.

    • If withdrawal from all courses within a given semester occurs after the second installment payment due date, then there will be no adjustment for either tuition or financial aid unless the late withdrawal has been approved by the Director of Student Affairs for medical reasons or death of an immediate family member. Courses withdrawn from during this period will have a transcript record of “W.”

    • To begin the process of withdrawing from all courses within a given semester, a student must contact the Registrar’s Office.

    For students who withdraw from one or more courses but remain  enrolled in other courses in any given semester:

    • No tuition will be collected for courses dropped prior to the close of business (5:00 pm) on the seventh day of the semester, and there will be no transcript record of the course. Financial aid disbursements will be made no earlier than the seventh day of the semester.

    • If a student withdraws from a course after the seventh day of the semester, but prior to the first installment payment due date, the tuition will be pro-rated according to the number of installments. Any tuition refund is pro-rated to its payment source (the student, a scholarship, a sponsorship, etc). Courses withdrawn from during this period will have a transcript record of “W.”

    • No tuition refund will be available for individual courses withdrawn from after the first installment deadline of the semester. Courses withdrawn from during this period will have a transcript record of “W.”

          Refer to the published Academic Calendar for the drop/add periods for each semester.


      Financial Aid

       Financial Assistance
  • Current undergraduate students, as well as applicants who meet the requirements for undergraduate admission, may be considered for financial assistance from the university. To receive financial assistance, students must be registered for a minimum of nine credit hours per semester. University-sponsored financial assistance is not available during the summer term. Students with fewer than nine credit hours will lose their financial assistance. For more information click here.
  • Once accepted into the university, each student is required to pay a non-refundable deposit of AFN 12,500 prior to registering for classes at AUAF. This deposit is applied toward the student’s tuition fee. If a student decides not to attend classes after paying the deposit, the student must forfeit the amount unless a refund is requested through a proper petition and approved by the provost.
       Method of Deposit
  • All students are billed, and all payment must be made, in Afghanis unless prior arrangements have been made for payment in US dollars. Students are expected to either pay the full amount of tuition at the beginning of the semester or to make arrangements to enrol in a three-month installment payment plan with the Student Finance Office. Once enrolled in the monthly installment plan, students must make sure that they pay their installments on time so as to not incur additional late fines. Failure to make timely payments may result in dis-enrollment from the courses in which the student is registered. Grades will not be posted, transcripts will not be given, and enrollment in further classes will not be allowed until all accounts from previous terms have been paid in full.
  • Financial aid is not offered for summer or winter sessions.
  • Financial aid is not covering meal costs.
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